Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 11 - Flood waters are receding

Wow, what a difference! I posted a few weeks back with a photo from the Main Avenue bridge looking over towards the Fargo Tower (Big brown building). At that time the water was over 40 feet deep and way past flood stage. (See photo 1) As you can see the water is up to the stairs and they have built a dike to help hold the water back. You can't really tell in the first photo where the dike is, because you don't know what isn't normally there.

However, if you look at todays photo, you can really tell. See the pick up truck in the second photo? That road was closed in the first photo as there was a huge wall of dirt there to help hold back the water. You'll also notice that the stairs are once again visible.

Photos just can't do it justice. The mind boggling amount of water that flows through here is very difficult to describe.... even with photographs. The photos just can't seems to really grasp the immense amount of water and the power behind it.

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