Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 8 - 2009 8/365

Okay, to make up for the previous two posts, I really put some thought into todays photos. I wanted texture and something different. I've taken snow, trees, and scrapbooking stuff.

Here is a rock. I believe it is 'fools gold' (iron pyrite). I've had it since I was very, very young. I loved it and kept it out on my dresser to show my friends my 'gold'. I love the texture and lines and ... all of it. It is sparkly and heavy and so full of detai and texture. That's what I love most; all of the angles and texture and color in one simple rock. A simple photo could never do it justice. I took several/many photos and played with the background.

I started out with playing with dop, but I really didn't like it that way. I added more light and went for a clean, sharp photo instead.


Jo-Anne Price said...

I LOVE this photo! You've captured textures, lines, shape, shadow, light, etc.

You've inspired me. Tomorrow I will take a picture of my Amethyst rock and hope it turns out as great as yours did!

Not2early Nicky said...

Love it, love the other example too with shallower depth of field, great job!

AuBien said...

Another fun blog! Thanks for sharing your photos and I love the other 365 links! I'm still hoping for my kit to arrive before I bust!

Heather said...

I love this. Very interesting shape

Anonymous said...

All of these rocks makes me want to drag out my rock collection.

Great image.

Candy said...

Very cool!

Bajabetty said...

Very cool pic. I have a chunk of fool'd gold in the garage that I'm going to have to pull out now!
And I'm going to take a photo of my vase full of small stones too!

Thanks for the great ideas!