Friday, April 24, 2009

Apr 15 - Flooded Roads (103/365)

A few days ago I posted about how the farmers build their roads and driveways from the main roads to their farm houses (and I use that term lightly as many of these homes are just exquisite!) up higher than the fields to keep the run off from corrupting their roads.

Well, in this case, the water won! Here the flood water has gotten deep enough, and swift enough, to take out this farmers drive way/road completely.

Note: The mailbox looks funny because I blurred the name on it.

I see this more and more frequently lately. I don't know where all of the water is coming from, but it seems to still be running full blast!

My heart really goes out to all of the families impacted by the flood this year.

We are winning the war, but the battles are exhausting. I can't go to a coffee house, grocery store, or even the gym without hearing talk of flooding. Fargo is now talking about cleaning up all of the sandbags.

I'll get photos of those this weekend. It is unimaginable.

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