Friday, April 24, 2009

Apr 18 - Elephants at the circus (104/365)

Okay, I know they aren't great photos, but we had so much fun! The had the lights down and the spotlights up. We were about half way up the stands and in the middle, so we had great seats. We took our 9 yo boy, the 5 yo grandson and the 2 yo grand daughter. My adult daughter also joined in the fun. My stepsons maternal grandparents, aunt and cousin also joined us. We took up the whole row! My little grandson absolutely adored my stepsons grandmother. Later he told me she was a very nice gramma and I would have to agree with him. lol

We let them get cotton candy, which normally is a huge no-no. It just didn't taste like it did when I was a kid. I remember really liking it back then. I think I enjoyed the circus as much as the kids did. I'm the first to admit it though, I'm just a big kid myself! I clapped and cheered right along with them!

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