Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1 - Fargo - 10-26" of snow (91/356)

Thank goodness it wasn't rain! We got almost a foot of snow yesterday. Some areas around us got as much as 26" of new snow! Many businesses that had not closed for the flood were now closed for the blizzard. It made for a very eerie landscape.

When all of this melts the river will crest again, but the authorities have all said they are confident it won't get anywhere near as high as it was. Right now the river has dropped four feet in just a few days! Wooo hoo

(The white bubbles are indeed snowflakes :)


shawna365 said...

Will it ever end...!
We got areas that received 12-16 inches here too, (some as little as 2-3, and then some just a lot of rain, CRAZY) (Nebraska).

Not much of a consolation, but the snow gave you some great photo ops. These pics are great!

Karen said...

I love round "bubbles" on the second photo. Snowflakes?? Living in sunny California I sometimes forget others are still experiencing winter. It's very beautiful. Reminds me of a Thomas Kincaid painting.

Lanna said...

Very pretty. We've gotten more snow in the past couple weeks than we have all winter! Crazy CO weather! Glad the river is going down too!

Andrea said...

Beautiful images!

Candy said...

Beautiful shots!! THe snow is amazing... we don't see much of it, if any here. Sometimes I miss it.