Friday, April 24, 2009

Apr 17 - Exotic Blossoms (104/365)

Speaking of my moms house (see yesterdays post), my mom has an *amazing* green thumb. I can't remember what she said this flower was called, but usually she gets a few blooms. This year, WOW!

I swear, my mom can grow anything. One time, she was at my house and saw my poor plants. I did not inherit her green thumb. She took pity on my plants and took them home. Now one of them had been brown for some time lol

I kid you not, a few months later I'm at my moms house and I ask her, 'Wow Mom, where did you get all these plants?' She laughed at me and told me those were my plants! They were full and healthy and gorgeous. ALL of them! Even the 'dead' one.

So am I very surprised that these exotic bulbs, in a pot in her basement, would be lulled into blooming for her? Nope, not at all. She just has that way about her.

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