Monday, February 16, 2009

Feb 16 (46/365)

This spring the bricks under this bridge will not be visible due to the spring run-off water. There is actually a very small river under all that snow. In the heat of summer and below zero winters, the water is barely visible. Many years as the snow melts and the rainy season hits, the river here may get deep enough to lap against the metal of the bridge. I'll have to remember to get photos then.

The flooding here still just amazes me. I live in Fargo, North Dakota (USA) which is south of Canada and east of Minnesota. What amazes me is that the main river here, The Red River of the North, runs north! NORTH! It is a very slow moving river and the land here is so flat that when everything begins to melt and the rains start, there isn't anywhere for the water to go. It spreads out across the farmlands and fills up all ravines and riverbeds. It's a pretty impressive site.

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Anonymous said...

You need to be careful where you build a home there. Wouldn't want spring melt to wash your home away. Here in California, there are 50 or 100 year flood zones. Builders will construct homes in these areas and recommend flood insurance. Yikes!