Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feb 22 (52/365) WalMart

Something else you should know about Fargo. Everything is closed on Sunday from midnight to noon! Even the 24 hour WalMart is closed. Gas stations and grocery stores are open, but pretty much everything else is closed. Hobby Lobby, of course, is closed all day. By 11:30 am this parking lot will be full of shoppers waiting for WalMart to open - even on just regular Sundays! You should see the Sundays that fall on a holiday! It is insane. So, another thing to remember when visiting Fargo, if you need something from Walmart before noon on Sunday, drive across the river to Moorhead and shop at their Walmart! LOL Even better, spend Sunday morning with your family.


Anonymous said...

You can sell pot in California under the guise that it is for medicinal purposes and wine is sold at Target.

Lanna said...

I wish more towns did this! My husband and I were just talking about the "good ol days" when everything was closed on Sunday! Maybe with the economy it will go back to that everywhere!