Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feb 4 - Family History (34/365)

Tonight I got out my Family Tree Maker Software and installed it. I lost everything when my computer crashed just after Christmas. I'm just now getting back to getting the software installed and getting back to work on my tree. I love the colors and pattern on the box and CD. It is very cheerful so I set these up and snapped a pic! I'm off to swing from some 'branches'.


Pam said...

I agree--the colors and pattern are very pretty. Nice shot.

Anonymous said...

OOH I agree 100% such pretty colors that coordinate soo beautifully together!

Jo-Anne Price said...

I love the composition, perspective, dof and the colors and patterns are just right! Mine isn't as colorful :0(. I try to work on mine a bit each day.