Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feb 8 (38/365) Butterfly

Ok, so this is my photo for Feb 8th. I have uploaded it over a dozen times and tried to post it to my blog. As you may have noticed, it's sideways. It wasn't sideways when I took the photo. It wasn't sideways when I downloaded the photo from my card to my computer. It looked great when I then opened my browser to upload the photo to my blog. Yet, every single time I click the upload button to put it on my blog, blogger turns it sideways!!! I've tried saving it sideways and then uploading that. Blogger doesn't turn it lol I've turned it left, and blogger uploads it left. I turn it to the right and it uploads turned to the right. I try to upload it upright and blogger does this!! EVERY time! How totally bizarre is that?? So after several days of fighting with it, I'm done and ya'll can just deal with it sideways! :) I even went and got my daughter so she could watch me upload this crazy photo and it refuses to be upright!!!

Just know that I do know the butterfly is not upright! In fact this is hanging on my daughters bedroom wall. I love the cheerfulness of it. She collects butterflies and M&M candy dishes. This caught my eye for today as I'm so ready for Spring.

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Jo-Anne Price said...

Really pretty and love the colors!