Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feb 18 (48/365) - Snow Pile

I'm from the mountains. When it snows in the mountains it falls straight down and piles up. We drive around it lol It is just a part of life. Of course they clear the main roads and often will pile it in lots or fields so that it will run into the river, down out of the mountains and out of the way.

Here in Fargo it's a whole other story! The snow still piles up, but it also blows all over the place making brand new piles! This area is very flat so they pile the snow wherever they can. This pile is in one found in the WalMart parking lot. The river here runs north and is super slow, so they can't dump the snow there to have it leave the area.

This still fascinates me! I've lived here over a decade and I'm still amazed at the piles of snow, the drifting and the flooding every spring.

This pile is so large that that is a Culvers right behind it!

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