Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This is the message I got as soon as I went to the site. Is anyone else getting this? I use Avast antivirus. It's free, kicks butt, does NOT take up nearly half the resources as Norton, is way more reliable, doesn't dump spam and crap on my hard drive and it's free lol

Anyway, all three times I tried it, there was a Trojan. What is so very odd is that I'm at Jess' site (alleventphotographyblogspot.com) and yet the trojan says it is from StaceyRainerPhotography.com's site, not her blog.

When I went to Staceys site, I got the same trojan. I had not been to Staceys site in a while and for sure not yet today. I ONLY went to Jess' blog when I got the message. I closed out and went back three times and got the same message every time. I know that is super bizarre, that is why I did the screen capture lol

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ackbar said...

Hi. I have the same Avast antivirus installed... When I went to Jess's site, nothing happened. So I surf on over to Stacy's site.. and YIKES... I got it too. Stacy... you might want to look to that!!!!