Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feb 25 (55/365) - My little princess

No lights
No filters
Nothing fancy
Just me and an adorable little girl doing what she does best; play, laugh and have fun! She was making faces at her grandpa. Why? Cause he was being silly and making faces right back! Yep, he's taken! LOL Smart, sexy, funny, kind, considerate, hard working, knows his way around a budget, can plan a vacation like nobody's business, ALL that and he can cook too! LOL

Then I told her I'd like her to pose for me. I was hoping to get her to lay on her tummy with her chin in her hands. She had other ideas and did this all on her own!! She's just two! She is sooo cute! I may do some photo editing later, but for now, I think these are destined for a scrapbook page lol Her eyes are always so bright and happy. They just sparkle. Capturing the moment before it got away....


Lanna said...

She is precious!

Anonymous said...

What a cute little bug! And the little girl is cute too LOL. The one with her finger on her bottom lip is super adorable. These made me smile :o)

Esther said...

What a cutie she is..:)

Oh and your DH, he is a looker, huh? LOL what a ham...LOL

Baby Matthews said...

She is so precious!! Very cute pics!!