Monday, March 2, 2009

Mar 1 (61/365) Scheels

I know while we watched them building this massive space, we were all very impressed with it's size!! It is HUGE! The front of the building has two beautiful pieces built into the brick. I'll include a better photo of the one side. One day I'll get back over and take more time to capture them better as they are exquisite in detail. This is a Scheels store.

Inside the glass over the door you see a sailboat. What you don't see is just inside there is a ferris wheel! LOL Yep, inside those doors is a carnival ride. The building looks massive, but the store space is quite tiny in comparison. They also have a candy shop in there. The kids like the escalator lol I understand when they built it, it was the largest Scheels store. I think the built another in Wisconsin last year though and it's bigger. I'm not sure.

I just love my Nikon! I am shooting this from clear out on the road! I cropped this from the original photos so you could see it better! So, not only were we driving by it at the time, on a cloudy day, we are almost a block away from the building!

Impressive :)

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