Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mar 25 - It's snowing

I cannot go out and take my usual pictures today. So, I opened my door and this is what we woke up to today. The river is still rising fast. The roads are treacherous with the rain we received last night. Then it turned to snow and we now have glare ice and blowing snow. The snow was basically gone.

This morning the channel 11 news crew ventured out 7 miles south of town to report on a levee that broke. The news crew was not sure if they were going to find a way back to town because of the icy roads and all the water! The national guard had to rescue a family with two children that had lost their home to the flood. It is getting dangerous here.

All schools have closed. Malls have closed. There are many communities around Fargo that have no water. There are places that need to boil their drinking water. Lift stations are failing. If you have never been in a flood, life basically stops as we know it. Now with the snow it just complicates things more.

Even with all of this, the city of Fargo is now 95% done with where they wanted to be for this flood. On Monday the volunteers made 450,000 sandbags. Tuesday the volunteers produced over 500,000 sandbags! One thing that you can say about a flood; all differences that people have with each other, no matter what they are, they are put aside. This has brought 1000s of people together in the same cause. Protect the city at all costs.

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