Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mar 10 (70/365) Blizzard!!!

Well, it's storming in Fargo again! We are shoulder deep in snow and it's still snowing! Everything is closed down around here now. The interstate, schools, businesses and even the postal service are all closed for the day due to the weather. You can see here how hard the snow is blowing!

This photo shows how hard the snow is blowing! The screen door got slid open somehow this past week. I still don't know how - it seems 'not me' did it! LOL Anyway, the wind is blowing so hard it has actually tucked the snow inside the screen and patio door!

This is what it looks like when I open my front door! The snow has built up against the door. See the lines in the snow from the molding on the door? The photo looks a little blurry, it's not. That is the snow blowing INTO the house!!

Here you go, this photo is taken of the townhouses just across the road from us!! Now that's a lot of snow!


Andrea said...


We're in shorts and short sleeve shirts on this end!

Lanna said...

WOW! How long unti Spring?

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa :o)

Susan Aka " Queen Sweet Flower" said...

OH MY Tammey I am so glad I live in Alabama!
Be safe and Warm!

Susan Phelps