Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mar 29 - Mikelson Park is flooded

This is Mikelson Park and it is located at 9th Ave and Oak St N in Fargo, ND. It has hosted state and national fast pitch tournaments and is home to Little League Baseball and Fast Pitch Softball. Notice the small building at the top right side of the sign. You can see that the flood water has started to climb.

Here you can see that they are putting in earthen dikes to protect us from the rising flood water. They are actually piling dirt on Oak Street. You can't see them in this photo, but just to the left (behind that tree) is an apartment building.

Remember the building in the first photo? Here it is again, but a little more underwater. It looks like some sort of storage building maybe. There is a chain link fence around it and I know it isn't the first time it has flooded. It flooded back in 1996 as well.

The flood water has continued to climb steadily so I was not surprised to find today that the little building was well hidden below the muddy, icy flood water.

Here is is again. Can you spot that little building now? The other photos were taken as I stood on Oak street just south of the park.

This photo is taken from one block west of Oak on the intersection of 1st and 9th. As I looked east towards the rising water, I noticed that little building out there. It is a great way to gauge how hi and how quickly the water is rising.

Here you go, the earthen dike is finished. It is protecting these resident from the destructive flood water. This road is closed to all but residents of the area.

I am so proud of our city and how this has been handled. I want to thank ALL of the volunteers that stepped up and helped us. We never could have done it without you. Today I saw 7 South Dakota patrol cars right in the city. We have 1700 (I think) National Guard members here helping out too.

I tell you what, if Mayor Dennis Walaker ever runs for any other office, he has my vote. I didn't know him well before this happened, but after listening to his calm, in charge voice on the radio and seeing him in the news conferences - he's got it together and has done an amazing job.

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Jodie's 365 Project said...

Wow, I hope the flood waters go down soon. I've been following your photos and I hope to see dry land soon. :)