Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mar 28 - Flood Peak?

What a difference ONE week can make! The first photo is one I posted last weekend (Mar 21) from the south side of Main Avenue and from the Moorhead, MN side of the river. You can just see the flags flying and the bridge through the many trees. You can also see the lazy river winding through under the bridge.

The second photo? It is from the south side of the Main Avenue bridge (Mar 28), but from a closer vantage point, the bridge itself! The water is up to the bridge. I've pointed out some of the more familiar points on the bridge for those that have visited here before.
This is also take from the Moorhead side of the Main Avenue bridge. The freezing temps have calmed the rising river. I would take the cold over the flooding anytime. This walkway drops down to a road and walk path that normally follows the river. You can see the road in the first photo of today's post.
This is from the bridge looking east and where that closed sidewalk leads to. That is indeed a lamp post you see jutting from the flood water. Where I took the first photo from is under the river water.

It seems we are winning the battle. We never could have done it without the amazing amount of volunteers that have stepped in to help. There is no way to thank them all, but I do thank each and every one of them. My son lives near that river and was able to stay in his home because of the diligent effort of those volunteers. The National Guard, Fargo PD, Mayor Walaker and everyone else involved in this have gone beyond the call of duty and to the call of family. With all of their hard work and the drop back down to below freezing weather, it looks like the water has finally slowed... for now anyway. I don't think we're through this yet though. We went for a drive in the country south of Fargo and there is still a LOT of water out there and a lot of snow. At some point this all has to melt and we will do this all over again.

Here is a site to see the river levels and great photos of the river raising at Dike west, it is located at USGS Flood Tracking. The photos show the ND side of all of the photos I posted here and on March 16.

Flood photos from past years;

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