Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mar 15 (75/365) Happy St. Patricks Day!

There is a cute little donut shop here in Fargo called Sandy's Donuts, named after the guy that opened it; Sandy Ostlund.

Krispy Kreme was in Fargo for a while, but they closed the doors last year. Sandy's is still going strong. They make all kinds of wonderful treats and are not limited to donuts. They have soup, sandwiches and delightful little treats like this little green guy here.

We stopped in there this past week to enjoy a small donut. Skyler was very tempted by the treat that was placed before him! You can just read it in his expression! Of course he did NOT get to take this lovely treat back to the table with him lol He was happy with a small glazed (his favorite) and a milk. I had this delicious little peanut butter frosted pastry. Chris had something chocolaty I'm sure.

Well, I almost was able to post a day without snow in a photo! You should see it outside! We hit about 40° today! It was awesome. The snow is more than half gone!


Anonymous said...

OOOH I so would have not been able to contain myself either!!! awww

Esther said...

I would have been able to contain myself...After a year of resiting, its not hard anymore...

We got a high of 46 yesterday...supposed to get to 50 today..lets hope huh??? LOL

Anonymous said...

I'll take a custard filled, chocolate glazed eclair, please. Thank you :o)