Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mar 11 (71/365) Day after the blizzard

Wow, we really got the snow! I went out with the camera to attempt and share with all of you what it was like here over the last two days. It's not that we got all that much snow, it's what the wind does with the snow!
The wind was blowing 45-60 miles an hour. The land around here is very flat so that meant the snow was constantly moving around. It also means that where the wind couldn't cause havoc, it dropped the most snow!

This is how you plow snow in such huge areas as this! There is a blade on the front much like a snow blower. Then it blows the snow out the top and away from the machine! They are pretty amazing to watch. I really enjoy it and the amount of snow they move is impressive!

The snow plows drive the roads and cut through the large drifts, then throw the snow off the side of the road. It is so amazing to see drifts four, five or even six feet deep! Here, to really show the depth of the snow, you can see a street sign. I figure those are pretty standard everywhere. Just find yourself a sign and stand next to it and then you'll know how deep this is!

Some roads are not as important as others. Those roads are done last, if at all. When you come up to a road covered in snow, you just keep going. You can see the tracks here from those that had been before us.

I have so many more photos from today! I didn't want to bore ya'll so I think I'll just upload them to my flickr.... probably my webshots.

I was asked when is Spring? When the snow is gone, we get flooding. After flooding is mosquito season, followed by Winter. It used to be that construction quickly followed flooding, but now construction is an all year round event. Spring is that week after the snow melts and before the mosquitoes hatch. (This is my guys enjoying the snow!)


Jodie's 365 Project said...

Wow, it looks so powdery and pretty. We very rarely get snow and never so much, so I would love to have some. :)

Andrea said...

That is simply amazing to me. I love the little speck of orange against all of the white in the second image.

Thanks for sharing these Tammey.

Lanna said...

WOW! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

OOH my I see it looks soooo cool but at the same time it looks beautiful

Anonymous said...

It snowed where I grew up back east but NEVER like that. -10 degrees today? And I was chilly taking the kids to school this morning at 47 degrees. Now I fell like a wuss LOL. Thanks for the share. :o)

Jane said...

Wow, now that looks cold! You got some great shots. Love the monkey background too. Cute.