Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mar 22 - Water is rising

My daughter and I took a ride today. Spring thaw has indeed come early and the water is rising. We drove over to the Moorhead Center mall in Moorhead, MN. From there you can see the river as it flows under the Main Avenue bridge and the railway bridge. When the flood hits the water will rise up to almost touch the bottom of these bridges!

I crossed under the railway bridge shown in the first photo and came out pretty quickly on the south side of the Main Avenue bridge. That bridge is only a few years old. They raised it due to the 1997 flood. I think they raised it to accommodate a flood of 43 feet. Normally the river you see flowing below this bridge is about 14 feet or so. I took this photo from the Minnesota side of the river. If I would have turned to my left, I could have taken a photo of Dike West on the North Dakota side.

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